Spring 2024 Offer

Weekend adventure

The offer includes:

– 3 days / 2 nights / 5 meals
– Accommodation: camp / bungalows
– Restaurant: Local cuisine
– Rafting: 3 hours
– Kayak safari: 3 hours

150€ / per person (min. 2 people)

Per request: Airport shuttle / Rock climbing / Hiking
Offer duration: April 15 – June 30. Contact us for special offers.



A paradise for nature lovers

We are located on the banks of one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Vrbas is one of the most beautiful rivers in Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Tijesno canyon has always attracted nature lovers and adventurers. Vrbas Camp is located 17 kilometers from Banja Luka and is an ideal place to experience the charm of the Vrbas and its natural canyon. This region has always been known for its untouched nature, and Vrbas Camp allows you to experience it first hand in a place perfect for vacation and nature adventures.

Experience the Vrbas canyon

Breaking its way through the rocks, from Jajce to Banja Luka, the Vrbas river has created a fantastic canyon, full of natural beauties and rarities characteristic only of this region. All of them are present at the Vrbas Camp, where they meet in one place:


Rapids, waterfalls, beaches, surrounding rocks, and the richness of flora and fauna make this area special and very attractive for all camping and nature lovers.



Whether you are a camping lover planning an idyllic weekend or you want to spend a day in nature with friends or family, Vrbas Camp is the ideal place to forget about stress and everyday problems.



Along with the famous charms of the Vrbas, such as hidden places for swimming, rafting, and boating through river rapids, you can enjoy beautiful places for walking, bike trails, and hidden sights of this area.

Camp prices

Small caravan
€15 (30 KM)
Large caravan
€20 (40 KM)
A small tent
€10 (20 KM)
Big tent
€15 (30 KM)
Per person
€3 (6 KM)
€2 (4 KM) / dan
Bungalow for two people
€30 (60 KM)
Bungalow for four people
€50 (100 KM)
Tourist tax (per person)
€1 (2 KM)


Whether you want to make a reservation or have any questions, feel free to contact us. Our team is here to help you and make your stay as pleasant as possible.

Visit us

We are located 17km from Banja Luka. Visit us or call for more information.